About Us

About Us

VEX Engineering

  • VEX is an industrial engineering company that has a specialized professional team that uses the latest machinery and new technologies, It produces The embossing rollers & rotogravure printing rollers.

At VEX we use laser engraving technology with different depths and directions, therefore we get the optimum level for engraving or printing in addition to the ability to provide special graphic designs upon request.

In addition, we use 3D scanners beside the spectral scanning, Anilox & steel rollers, rubber rollers, banana cylinders, In addition to special cylinders on request.

As for blade and cutting equipment, we serve several fields, including: Food industry knives, Packaging knives, Paper knives, Plastic knives, Straight knives, Circular blades, Grinding wheels, Rotary knives & cutting molds. With diameters, high sensitivity, & up to 5 meters lengths, they are manufactured with high-precision specifications to give high performance at work.

And while continuing to focus our activities in the paper industry, we were able to grow in this field, Serving production lines of paper tissues by machines & providing studies or consultations, where we put our team and its experience over the years to support you in choosing machines and equipment or adjusting tissue paper production lines, & manufacturing of: embossing & lamination cylinders, edge emboss, rubber cylinders, blade and cutting equipment.

We also have a warehouse for ready spare parts for faster delivery, in addition to special spare parts and special services in the field of paper making.


To determine the requests and needs of customers and provide the best solutions with the best quality.


To listen to your inquiries and answer them in addition to meeting your requests or needs with high quality and accuracy in a typical time in addition to logistical support to be the closest to you.

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